Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving with amazing family

This past week i got to spend thanksgiving with my amazing family in New Galilee, Pennsylvania. It is truly amazing there. I got tot see family that i haven't seen in awhile and I really didn't want to leave. It felt like Heaven. I stayed at my dad's cousins farm. It is such a cute place and i got to see their family again. Toby and his wife Katie and my four amazing cousins Gracie(14), Molly(12), Rusty(10), and Tyler(6) let us stay at their house all week. Me and Gracie shared a room, while Molly and Lauren stayed in the loft, Rusty and Tyler where in Rusty's room and Mom and dad had the guest bedroom. We also shared the house with Ryan, Julie and their three daughters McKenzie (4), Brooke (3), and Kennedy(6 Months). It was so much fun hanging out with them. I got to meet Tyler for the first time and he was such a sweetheart. I also got to meet Kennedy. Me and Gracie spent much time helping with Kennedy.

Water at Buttermilk falls
Rusty on the dirt bike


Grace and Kennedy




Best Friends(McKenzie and Molly)










    Toby let us ride the ATV's and my Dad actually taught me to drive one by myself. It was so scary. But after awhile i got used to it and spent lots of time chasing after my Dad and Tyler(who drove way to fast). Molly took me to meet the farm animals. There was tons of animals running around. Chickens,Tyler named them all sprinkles, a pig (named Harley), a lamb(named Lambert), goats, and even ALPACAS! I had fun feeding Lambert with Molly. The day after Thanksgiving we all went to Buttermilk Falls. It was spectacular! The whole family was there and we later had a picnic. My favorite part of this whole trip was just spending time with my cousins. Whether it was playing tag with Tyler, chatting with Gracie all day, helping Molly feed Lambert at night, playing Mario Bros with Rusty(even though I was really bad), making faces at Kennedy to make her laugh, or playing dolls with little McKenzie and Brooke, it was great being with them and showing them how much I love them<3 (: